AME with B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering with B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering is a specially designed programme for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students. Students can get AME license & Degree simultaneously in 4 years. This increases the Job opportunities for the students worldwide.

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the best undergraduate programs in aviation. The curriculum has been designed to impart engineering knowledge in the broad areas of Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Structures, Flight Mechanics, CAD modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Avionics. The ultimate aim of the department is to produce responsible, competent, creative, and innovative professionals in the field of Aeronautical Engineering through a world-class academic programme.

The department focuses on research-based teaching via modern tools, which leads to a better career. Hybrid Rocket Engine, Pulsejet Engine, Combustor, Supersonic Intake, Ballistic missile, Hard landing, and Designing of Light General Aviation Aircraft are the major thrust areas of research.

Industrial exposure will be given through Industrial / Educational visits and encouraging Industrial Internships for one to six months’ duration. Certification courses in Design and Simulation Software like Solid works, CATIA, and ANSYS are value-addition.

The four years degree programme in Aeronautical Engineering helps one in getting a job in the civil aviation, defence sector, Aircraft designing, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, overhaul industries, and Research organization. There are a lot of opportunities for the younger minds to get placed in DRDO, ADE, ISRO, ARDB, HAL, NAL, Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Honeywell, General Electric (GE), Dassault Systemes, ANSYS, etc.

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AME with B.Tech
Aeronautical Engineering

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